Javascript Charts VanCharts is a library for making visual charts. It supports data display in the web (JavaScript) and mobile terminals (Android native/iOS native/Webview) and provides various types of common commercial charts.
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Various Chart Types and Effects

  • Over 30 chart types available, including bar chart, line chart, pie chart, doughnut chart, map, GIS map, Gantt chart.
  • Free choice of 4 graphic styles and 10 professional color schemes, and yes, customizable!
  • 3D graphic illustration supported
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Creative Codeless Design Pattern

Vancharts offers more than just a JS chart library! Featured by ease of use and flexible JS API interface, VanCharts also presents unique chart maker. User can set data source, style and interactivity attributes of chart in the visual interface. One-click export of JS attributes saves you lots of time occupied for reading API files. Embrace a higher development efficiency and a less project cost!

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Cross-Platform and Cross-Browser Compatibility

  • HTML5 conforming, cross-platform development and application supported
  • Support for popular browsers, even IE 6, 7, 8.
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Interaction of Aided Analysis

Interaction of aided analysis available, including chart drill down, hyperlink, switch, linkage, dynamic data refresh, scaling, warning line, trend line and data sheet. With VanCharts, we bring secondary analysis to users in addition to the display function.

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Highly Customizable Criteria for Display

Unique criteria for display allow user to set specific category or series aside from general attributes. Criteria attributes help user to design customizable charts effects of all types!

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iOS/Android Native Charts Library

Aside from JS chart library, VanCharts also supplies iOS and Android native charts library for users to integrate into native apps. Enjoy faster loading, clearer detail rendering and better graphics illustration effect! Cool native animation to create extraordinary experience in mobile apps!

Get Support

Please refer to chart maker and API files if you have any doubt and difficulties using VanCharts. In case your problem is not solved or you have found any bug, please contact us via e-mail! You can reach us through question will be replied in 24 hours.


If you want to download VanCharts for study, research or any non-profit project, please redirect to download page. You can use it for free under CC BY-NC 4.0. For application in commercial website and project, please refer to the pricing policy and obtain license.

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Contact Us

We are open to any improvement advice from all users no matter for the chart maker, chart types or chart effect. Please send your advice to . Thank you for helping VanCharts growing.

About Us

We have accumulated countless experience in data processing and presentation for ten years' practices in report development. Professional market survey team and passionate development team guarantee software update every two weeks.